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Learn by example what Nero can do
for you as a software engineer.

Imagine you own a small E-Commerce store that uses Stripe for payments. Stripe shows prices in USD and several other currencies. You want to show prices in EUR too.
You create a ticket in Linear.
Aftering thinking more about it, you decide to also show prices in CAD.
The problem is that you don’t remember if CAD is already enabled.
Ask Nero! And modify the initial requirements.
When you are ready, comment "Nero, ship it" on Linear.
Pull request will come in a minute.
But you change your mind and decide to exclude CAD. Just leave feedback on the PR, and Nero will make another commit.
Now merge and ship it!

How it works

Nero is an infrastructure layer that sits between your task tracking system and code repository. Input data is sent to OpenAI for processing, and responses are sent back to the respective party.

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How your company benefits from Nero

Extend your team with AI and ship faster

Connect Nero to your task tracker and code repo in a few clicks, and start assigning tickets to it. Nero will process several tickets simultaneously, with an average iteration cycle of one minute.

Talk to Nero in the same way you talk to your engineers

Nero interacts over the same communication channels and produces the same content — code, commits, and pull requests.

It learns from your feedback and never forgets

With each iteration its context of conversational knowledge becomes more extensive and the content it produces starts following your personal requirements more precisely.


Nero produces code following your proprietary knowledge. It learns from your documentation in minutes, and never forgets.